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Comprehensive and personalized rehabilitation solutions to overcome and prevent injuries and pain. Schedule an appointment to kickstart your recovery today with our South Miami Physical Therapy.



Physical Therapy

NICHOLAS GAZO is a licensed Physical Therapist in Kendall and the Clinical Director of our Kendall office

Nicholas Gazo

Clinical Director, PT | Kendall Office

Nick is a licensed Physical Therapist and the Clinical Director of our Kendall Office. He is a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist and designed MNRS’ current spine stretching, strengthening, and athletic based core stability programs.

CAROLYN MARTIN is a licensed Physical Therapist in South Miami and director of our South Miami Office

Carolyn Martin

Clinical Director, PT | South Miami Office

Carolyn is a licensed Physical Therapist and the Clinical Director of our South Miami Office. She is also an active Clinical Site Instructor and is responsible for having designed various MNRS therapy programs.

Physical Therapy

treating the root cause of your pain

Physical therapy is the most effective means of evaluating and treating the root cause of your acute and chronic pain. That’s because physical therapy addresses the underlying structural problems responsible for your pain rather than simply masking the symptoms. Licensed physical therapists diagnose the root cause of your pain and restore physical functionality and pain-free range of motion.

Our South Miami physical therapists are expertly trained in the most effective modalities, such as strengthening exercises, stretching programs, spinal stabilization, massage therapy, postural exercises, laser therapy, and much more. Depending on the source of your problem, they use the appropriate combination of exercises and treatments to restore you to the highest functional level possible.

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Comprehensive and personalized rehabilitation solutions to overcome and prevent injuries and pain. Schedule an appointment to kickstart your recovery today.


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Neurology is a medical specialty focused on the structure, functions, and abnormalities of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. If you experience frequent headaches, dizziness, imbalance problems, numbness and tingling, memory distortion, and difficulty while walking, you may have an underlying neurological condition. Our neurologists specialize in timely intervention to control the progression of neurological conditions.

At MNRS, our certified neurologists examine all aspects of your nervous system using advanced diagnostic techniques, such as EMGs, NCVs, and neurodiagnostic procedures. After tracing the root cause of your neurological symptoms, they curate comprehensive treatment plans in collaboration with physical therapists. Each rehabilitation plan is individually formulated just for you at our center for Physical Therapy Kendall, Fl.

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MNRS has highly accessible, diagnostic and treatment facilities for physical therapy in Miami and Kendall, FL. If you’re experiencing the symptoms of acute or chronic pain and injuries, such as headaches, migraines, nerve pains, numbness, tingling sensations, dizziness, etc., we’d love to trace the root cause of your concerns. Please schedule an appointment at your nearest MNRS facility to kickstart your recovery today.


This is by far the best PT office in Miami. From the moment I called to make an appointment I knew that this was “the” place. Nancy made making the appointment such a breeze. Her friendly and helpful demeanor is a definite plus.


I have nothing but good things to say about this place, I look forward to my visits. Nancy is always making sure I have my appointments, days and time. All of the staff is very friendly. What I appreciate is that they always care about how I am doing, what am I struggling with physically and help me.


There are few words that can articulate the high level of care and professionalism that Carolyn Martin of MNRS Physical Therapy in South Miami gives her patients. She has given me hope and has treated me with the highest level of care, consideration and has supported me in the treatment of my injury.


From the minute you walk in the door you are greeted with great positive vibes from Nancy, she’s the best, always goes out of her way for anything. MNRS has taken care of me since day 1. After my injury, I met with Carolyn, she is extremely knowledgeable/professional and caring.


From day one of my PT the staff has been absolutely amazing: Professionalism, knowledge, and most importantly kindness exhibited at all times! Thank you to the entire team (Nancy, Carolyn, Jessica, and Gracie) for making my physical therapy treatments enjoyable!


The staff is incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Since I’ve seen them for therapy I have learned so much about my body because they educate you and teach you. Most important they’re always available.


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