Head & Neck

Physical therapy, massage therapy, pain management, and neurology can address numerous concerns related to the head and neck. However, if you’re suffering from pains and aches in your head and neck, it’s essential to trace the root cause of your symptoms first. Our exceptional rehabilitation specialists always identify and treat the root cause of your pain to ensure long-lasting relief from symptoms.

Headaches & Migraines

Headaches are extremely common, but not all headaches are the same. They can be classified as tension headaches, temporal headaches, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, and migraines.

Neck Pain

Neck pain may occur due to injuries, prolonged poor posture, such as sitting before a computer for extended hours, changes in alignment, and other conditions.


Over time, the continued wear-and-tear of the neck joints and muscles leads to bony protrusions in the cervical vertebrae. Poor spinal alignment often contributes to the wear-and-tear, eventually making the bone spurs irritate the surrounding tissues. Osteoarthritis can eventually cause stiffness, chronic pain, and an inability to look up.


Spinal stenosis is linked to arthritis. When the bone spurs caused by arthritis impinge on the central spinal cord canal, i.e., the nerves exiting from the neck, you suffer from spinal stenosis. This leads to chronic pain, numbness in the arms, and poor balance. Physical intervention is necessary to restore range of motion and joint mobility.

Forward Head Posture

Forward head posture is a condition where prolonged periods of poor posture can cause neck pain. This is extremely common today because we spend large periods in front of a computer, sitting at home, watching TV, or in other postures that necessitate pulling our head forward. Over time, the length of the spine reduces, and the muscles weaken, leading to neck pain, headaches, and other conditions.


Whiplash is a movement wherein the weight of the head and spine is whipped back and forth suddenly. This usually occurs due to sudden movements, accidents, or falls, but it’s most commonly noticed in motor vehicle accidents. The sudden movement tears or rips the muscles, ligaments, and other connective tissues and, in some cases, fractures the vertebrae.

Radiating Pain

Radiating pains in the shoulders and arms often originate at the cervical spine or neck. The nerves traveling from your neck to the arms can get impinged due to misalignment issues, muscle weakness, spinal changes, and other problems that narrow the spaces where the nerves exit. This makes radiating pains shoot down the entire length of the nerve’s path.

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