Additional Physical Therapies

Physical therapy includes numerous modalities and techniques, each addressing different goals and needs. Our licensed physical therapists provide personalized rehabilitative care with a strong emphasis on hands-on therapies. They perform thorough evaluations of your strength, gait, posture, mobility, and flexibility to curate individualized therapies just for you.

If you experience body pains or discomfort, please contact our physical therapists to discuss your options.

Back & Spine Training

Most people have weak backs and spines. That’s because most of us spend large amounts of time hunched in front of computers, looking down at our phone screens, or sitting in one place for hours with poor posture. This produces an exaggerated curve on the upper spine, known as kyphosis, and weakens the musculoskeletal system. As a result, most people are prone to chronic back pains, lower back pains, and spinal problems.

Physical therapy is the most effective means of strengthening the back and spine, improving joint mobility, increasing range of motion, and preventing injuries. Furthermore, physical therapy also helps individuals recover after back injuries and surgeries. Our licensed physical therapists evaluate your spinal mobility, flexibility, strength, and posture to curate the ideal rehabilitation plan. This may include stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, aerobic conditioning, and more. The goal is to restore optimal functionality to your back and spine.

Gait & Balance Training

Gait and balance training is an essential component of physical therapy for older individuals. That’s because older individuals over 65 years have an extremely high risk of injuries due to falls. In fact, in older individuals, falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries. And falls occur due to balance and postural problems while standing or walking. Gait and balance training is especially important for people with a history of falls.

Physical therapists curate individualized programs to restore optimal stability and balance. Gait training involves exercises that improve your ability to stand still for long periods and walk. Your physical therapist may recommend numerous exercises to improve balance, such as standing on one leg, walking in circular patterns, completing obstacle courses while walking, etc. These exercises strengthen your muscles, improve balance and posture, increase mobility, and reduce your risk of falling.

Pain Relieving Exercises

Physical therapists use numerous exercises and techniques to alleviate pain and discomfort. When you experience acute pain, your treatment may start with a RICE regimen — rest, ice, compression, and elevation. You have to rest the injured area, place ice packs on the area, wrap the area for compression, and elevate it to facilitate blood circulation. However, when that doesn’t work, physical therapy is necessary for pain relief.

Physical therapists evaluate the root cause of your pain via tests of your range of motion, flexibility, etc. Based on their evaluation, they curate a personalized pain relief exercise plan to reduce the symptoms, stretch the sore muscles, and increase overall flexibility. The pain-relieving exercises usually reduce motion at the injured site, increase blood circulation, and strengthen the muscles to prevent future injuries.

Re-Injury Prevention

When you injure yourself, you may have a strong urge to recover and proceed with your daily activities as usual. However, that’s a dangerous mindset that can trap you in a spiral of injuries, recoveries, and re-injuries. Our physical therapists aim to restore complete functionality while minimizing the risk of re-injuries. To that end, they curate long-term goals and treatment plans that gradually help you recover your pre-injury capabilities. Furthermore, they provide crucial tips, techniques, and exercises that prevent injuries from occurring in the future.

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