Back Physical Therapy

At MNRS we provide back physical therapy. Back pain is a common condition. However, the root cause of back pain is often left undiagnosed and untreated, which can eventually cause chronic back pain or serious complications. Our back pain specialists use physical therapy, neurology, and massage therapy to address the root cause of back pain, providing long-term relief. Please contact our pain specialists to identify and reduce the symptoms of back pain today.

Low Back Pain

Lower back pain is an extremely common condition that occurs due to poor mobility, spinal/ abdominal/ hip weaknesses, or poor coordination between your muscles. Physical therapy addresses the primary factors responsible for low back pain, restoring your strength and flexibility.

Mid Back Pain

Mid-back pain, also known as thoracic back pain, usually occurs when you slouch forward for long periods or when your back muscles are stretched out. Physical therapy soothes sore muscles, restores optimal posture, and improves spinal joint mobility, helping you recover quickly.


Sciatica is a condition wherein sharp pain originates in your buttocks or lower back and travels down the back of your legs. This occurs when the sciatic nerve is irritated or inflamed. We use hands-on techniques for back physical therapy to restore spinal and hip mobility and relieve radiating pain.


A sprain occurs when the ligaments in your spine are overstretched, and a strain occurs when your muscles are overstretched. Sprains and strains commonly occur when heavy lifting is combined with twisting movements. Physical therapy is an essential component of back sprain/ strain recovery.

Herniated Discs

The spinal disc is a fluid-filled fusion that sits between the spinal vertebrae. Various factors, such as degenerative conditions, spinal stenosis, or age-related wear-and-tear, can make the spinal discs dry out and become brittle, pinching the spinal nerve. Our therapists relieve pressure on the disc and improve mobility.


Osteoporosis is a condition wherein the vertebrae become weak and brittle due to changes in calcium deposit and uptake. This can increase your risk of fractures. Physical therapy helps patients overcome their limitations with spine and hip movements. The exercise program is created in conjunction with your doctor.

Spinal Arthritis

Spinal arthritis occurs due to osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis when your cartilages are worn out, leading to bone-on-bone grinding. This can cause spinal joint pains and aching sensations in the lower back. Physical therapy restores natural spinal movement and increases flexibility to reduce the symptoms.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis occurs when the space between the spinal vertebrae is narrowed, which can put pressure on the spinal nerves. The narrowing of vertebral spaces can also collapse the spinal discs, pinching the spinal nerves further. Physical therapy restores spinal alignment and takes the pressure off the nerves.

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Miami Neurology & Rehabilitation Specialists (MNRS) is led by a talented team of physical therapists. We use hands-on techniques to reduce your symptoms and treat the root cause of pain. Our therapists work with you to loosen restricted areas, reduce pain, strengthen core muscles, and improve mobility. For more information, please schedule a consultation with our physical therapists today about your back physical therapy.


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